240 new HIV positive cases detected in Himachal Pradesh

HIV positiveCall it lack of awareness but 240 new HIV positive cases have been detected in Himachal Pradesh in tests conducted by the government officials, taking the total of such cases 298 in the state. These findings have been revealed in a report released by the state government today.

A government official said 95820 blood samples were screened for HIV under National AIDS Control Program by government officials, out of which 298 were tested positive and 240 new AIDS cases were added to this fatal disease.

He said the state government was aiming to provide qualitative health care facilities nearer to the door steps, new health centres have been opened and upgraded in remote and far-flung areas.

“The government is also aiming to maintain child sex ratio in the state and various programs have been launched to improve skewed child sex ratio,” he said, adding, as per 2011 census, child sex ratio (0-6 yr) of the state is 909 which is not satisfactory.

Galore block of district Hamirpur district has lowest CSR of 845 followed by Ladbharol of Mandi 850, Tiara of Kangra 875, Gangath of Kangra 877 and Baldwara of Mandi 879.

A total of 265 Ultrasound Clinics have been registered in various districts of the State of which 86 in government and 179 in private sector and these clinics are under strict vigil of the Health Department, the official said.

He said the registration of Ante-Natal Cacre cases has been recorded 70269 which is 85.38 percent under maternal health program and institutional deliveries are being encouraged in the state.

The government official said immunization is another important aspect of health care policy of the government and a target of immunizing 128560 pregnent women and 108183 infants has been fixed for 2016-17 against which 62223 TT, 57976 BCG, 58474 OPV, 82 DPT and 63628 measles have been provided.

Besides this, 117716 cataract operations have been done against the target of 27500 under Control of Blindness program. While under leprosy program, 92 cases were detected out of which 90 cured whereas 150 were under treatment and these are old cases. 28600 unit of blood was collected from donation and replacement during the above period, he added.

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