From Ropar to Una and Amb-Andaura Railway Rtations will be Modernized

Amb-Andaura Railway Rtation

Railway facilities will be further strengthened in the Una district of Himachal Pradesh. Railway Board has prepared a blueprint for the modernization of Punjab Ropar to Una and Amb-Andaura railway stations.

The modernization work will be completed in the coming time. For this, an area-wise budget of about crores of rupees has also been proposed.

In the work to be done in two phases, in the initial phase, modernization work will be done from the Ropar side to Nangal railway stations. After this, rejuvenation of Amb, Andaura, and Una railway stations is also a part of the plan.

Una railway station is proposed to be modernized in the second phase. The great thing is that the facilities of the passengers will be strengthened in this modernization work.

The facilities from the railway station to the toilets will be provided in a better way. Even the process of preparing railway stations like an airport is part of this plan.

According to the need and busyness of the railway stations, preparations are being made by the Railway Board to improve the atmosphere including accelerators for the passengers, improving the toilets of the stations.

Rejuvenation of these railway stations is proposed

Punjab Ropar, Anandpur Sahib railway stations are included in the modernization plan by the Railway Board.

There Una, Amb, Andaura, etc. railway stations are also proposed for this scheme. This scheme for the railway stations of Una district will provide huge benefits to the passengers.

Modernization of Amb, Andaura along with Una railway station is proposed. For this, a plan has been prepared by the Railway Board.

Una Railway Station has been placed in the pipeline for modernization in the second phase.- Rohtash Singh, Superintendent, Railway Station Una.

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