Asia’s highest cable bridge will be built in Chamiyana

Shimla: A bridge will be built under the Shimla Kalka Four-lane at Chamiyana near the capital Shimla. This will be the highest cable bridge in Asia. Its height will be 148 meters.

The bridge will be 540 meters long. Along with this, 240-meter pillars will be installed on the bridge to connect it with the cable. It is important from the point of view of tourism.

After the bridge is built, 240-meter pillars will be installed on them to connect it with the cable. For its preparation, the National Highways Authority has given the complete proposal to the district administration.

The work of construction of cable bridge will also be started in the last phase of the Shimla-Kalka four-laning. That would be a wonder in itself. From the point of view of tourism, it will also be used for the tourists coming to the city.

It will also be developed as a tourist destination for tourists. Shimla-Kalka’s four-lane will be constructed in the last phase of 28 km from Dhalli to Kaithlighat.

In its first phase, 17 km will be constructed up to Shakral, and in the next step, 11 km will be constructed.

construction work hanging from forest clearance

In the first phase, the work of making a four-lane has also started. All the formalities from forest clearance to other formalities have also been received for this. The last phase which is to become a four-lane of 11 km.

Its work is still pending due to the non-availability of forest clearance. In this, the forest clearance is still awaited.

Due to changing the line of its survey, now more trees can be cut in it than before. Therefore, it may take some more time to get its approval.

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