Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu Assured the Candidates, will Complete the Recruitment Process in Two Months

After the JOA IT paper leak case, Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu has justified the action of suspending Staff Selection Commission Hamirpur and also said that the stalled recruitment process will be completed in two months.

He clearly said that complete transparency will be maintained in the next selection process. A day after the action on the Selection Commission, the Chief Minister, who appeared before the media on Tuesday, said that the investigation into the corruption and scams of the BJP government has only just begun. There will be many more sensational revelations.

He was addressing a press conference at Hotel Peterhoff, Shimla. The Chief Minister claimed that the business of paper leak going on in Hamirpur has deep roots, so by forming SIT, pre-examinations have also been taken into the purview.

He said that decisive action will be taken against drug mafia and mining mafia before the upcoming budget session. The Congress government is also probing the police recruitment paper leak case and there will be some new revelations in it. His government will ensure that there is complete transparency in government jobs.

Sukhwinder Sukhi said that on December 12, he had given instructions to the police officials in this regard and we laid the trap only after that. Finally on 23rd December this whole matter came to the notice. For the last one year this was going on in the Sports Commission.

When no one has faith in the organization doing the recruitment, then it is appropriate to suspend it. We have just postponed the ongoing recruitment process and very soon a decision will be taken regarding this also.

Complete arrangements will be made to ensure transparency in recruitment. Under which act strict action should be taken against the employees who leak the paper, it is also under consideration. The woman who has been caught in the paper leak, her son was the topper last year itself. Even then no one’s eyes opened in the previous government.

The Chief Minister said that even in the paper leak of police recruitment, the previous BJP government tried to cover-up and tried to save the culprits. Now this will not happen. The Congress government is also probing the police recruitment issue and despite handing over the case to the CBI, the responsibility of the police officers will be fixed.

In this press conference, senior Congress MLAs Chandra Kumar, Colonel Dhaniram Shandil, Harshvardhan Chauhan, Anirudh Singh etc. were present with the Chief Minister, while Chief Secretary RD Dhiman and Personnel Department Secretary Prabodh Saxena were also with him.

Strict Laws will be Brought Against Drugs in the Budget Session

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhkshavar Singh Sukhu said that we have resolved to take strict action against the drug mafia. For that we are going to bring a strict law against drugs in the budget session.

We have started the process. Will not let the future of the youth be ruined. Strictest steps will be taken against those who are found involved in such wrongdoings.

Government will Take a Decision on the Stalled Recruitments in a Month

The Chief Minister also made it clear that after suspending the work of the Staff Selection Commission, Hamirpur, the stalled recruitments would be done soon. When asked questions about this, he said that the government will try to complete these recruitments within two months.

In the next 25-30 days, the process will be decided whether Hamirpur Staff Selection Commission will do this work or this process will be given to some other agency. The effect of paper leak will also be tested first in the written exams that have been conducted so far.

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