Cloudburst in Katagla in Manikaran valley causes devastation

Jari – In Katagla in Manikaran valley a cloudburst during Wednesday night has caused devastation. Due to cloudburst the water level rose which caused a huge loss in the area.

Representational Photo of cloudburst devastation in Kullu Valley

Manikaran valley villages are facing loss due to frequent cloudbursts. On Wednesday Malana cloudburst had swept the road entirely which Public Works Department on Thursday tried to fix. Now Katagla suffered huge loss due to cloudburst on Wednesday night.

According to local sources, dozens of cattle and livestock animals including sheep and goats, canals and water sources have swayed in the cloudburst. An entire apple orchid has swayed. Villagers are terrified.

Villagers have requested district administration to access the loss in the area.

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