Coronavirus: Govt orders curfew relaxation on Thursday in Shimla

Shimla District Magistrate Amit Kashyap on Wednesday ordered a relaxation of the curfew from 8 am to 11 am on Thursday for buying essential commodities like milk, bread, medicines, and groceries.

The order issued by the District Magistrate stated that nobody would be allowed to roam around on the roads and public places.

The government order will be enforced and the entire state will be on lockdown.

This would ensure complete self-isolation and social distancing for 24 hours to check the spread of the virus in the entire district.

Throwing curfew directions to the winds, people were seen moving out of their houses even without any objective of buying essential items.

Even bike riders were seen moving about with ease as were the car riders in violation of the directions, where only essential items could be purchased from 8 am to 12 am and movement of vehicles were banned.

People assembled on the roads to gossip as if there were no curfews.

Little done by the police to enforce directions in various parts of Solan district.

Source : The Tribune

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