Five bad skin habits to avoid!v

You cleanse, moisturise and you do everything you can to keep the skin, especially on your face looking supple, soft and young. But it doesn’t help and you wonder why your skin still looks patchy, dull and dry besides doing so much.

May be it’s because you do not follow the correct skincare techniques. Below are some bad skincare habits that you need to avoid:

Over exfoliating: Regular exfoliation can help you avoid blemishes. But overdoing it can actually exacerbate oil production and worsen breakouts by spreading bacteria.

Not using sunscreen: To keep your skin from getting wrinkled and saggy, use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. Apply all over your face and other parts of the body exposed to the sun. Not just in summer, but we should know that sunscreen should be worn every day and everywhere.

Using the wrong products: Using products that is wrong for your skin type is an enormously common mistake. So go for a product that will suit your skin type.

Sharing makeup: It is highly advisable not to share makeup with other people. Sharing makeup is really harmful as it is essentially swapping germs. Also, people have become infected with diseases like pink eye from sharing makeup.

Picking at your skin: Avoid picking at blemishes, pimples, moles and other spots as doing so can cause bleeding, creating an open wound that’s susceptible to bacteria, and leave you with scars.

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