Fourlane update: Vehicles started Running on Kiratpur-Nerchowk four-lane

Shimla: The four-lane stretch from Kainchimod in Bilaspur district to Nagchala in Mandi district was inaugurated on the trial base on Sunday. At eight o’clock in the morning, the officials of the toll company Skylark, working under NHAI, duly started the traffic by breaking the coconut at the Garamora barrier.

The first vehicle truck left after the toll was deducted at the barrier. Similarly, Baloh toll barrier was also started. The state’s important project Kainchimod-Nerchowk four-laning got on the ground. With this, the long wait for the opening of the foreland also ended.

The distance from Kanchimod to Nerchowk has been reduced by 37 kilometers due to the construction of four lanes. The producer company Gabor Construction was awarded a tender of two thousand crores.

The special thing is that the target was set to complete the construction work by February 2024, but the four-lane was completed before the stipulated period, which is a big achievement for the producer company Gabor Construction.

22 major and 15 minor bridges have been built on this four-lane. Similarly, by entering through Mehla, Thapna and Tunnu tunnels from Kainchimod, the passengers will reach Mandi Bharari in Bilaspur from where they will enter Mandi limits via Auhar, Rishikesh and Bhaged via the Tehra-Malaya tunnel.

According to Anil Sharma, manager of toll company Skylark, the four-lane has been opened for traffic on a trial basis from Sunday.

Uproar to waive the slip at the toll plaza

Garamora toll plaza near the Himachal-Punjab border also started as soon as the Kiratpur-Nerchowk four-laning opened on a trial basis.

As soon as the toll started on Sunday, a crowd of local people gathered and created a ruckus demanding that the toll slip be waived for the local people.

People said that the order to make passes for people coming within a radius of 20 kilometers is not acceptable to them under any circumstances.

Train lines with slip system in barrier

Due to a technical problem in the toll slip system on the first day at Garamora and Baloh toll barriers, there was a situation of jam for some time. Then after the system was restored, the situation remained normal till evening.

Meanwhile, the movement of thousands of vehicles went on smoothly. Tourists entered Bilaspur through Mahla Tunnel from Kainchimod.

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