Himachal Pradesh least corrupt state: CMS-India study

SHIMLA: Although, while addressing a rally in Shimla on Thursday, Prime Minister Modi had said that Himachal Pradesh is waiting for the start of honest era, the CMS-India Corruption Study 2017 report has proved otherwise.

Himachal Pradesh is the least corrupt state in country with only 3% households experiencing corruption in public services, said the report.

When general perception of households about corruption in public service during 2016 was checked in Himachal Pradesh, 16% respondents said that corruption has increased, 58% said it had decreased while 26% felt that it has remained same. When the same was checked during demonetisation phase, 38% said corruption had decreased while 62% said it remained the same.

Again, 61% of the households thought that the state government is committed to a great extent towards reducing corruption in public services while 22% felt it is committed to some extent.

Report said that overall percentage of households in each state experiencing corruption in at least one public service has come down in most states except Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. In Himachal Pradesh 53% respondents during 2005 study had said to have experienced corruption which has now come down to 3%.

As the hill state would be going for assembly polls, the report could be a shot in the arm for Congress to blunt the opposition attack on corruption issue.

(Time of India News)


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