HP strive for large airports essential for better air connectivity


Himachal Pradesh is striving to get large airports in order to have better air connectivity. The center government has to approve 160 airport projects for states. The States which presents most impressive feasibility report, would be rewarded with air projects by formal announcement.

In the context of this report Himachal Pradesh MP’ have become active. Mandi tops this list. Ram Swaroop Sharma, BJP MP also comes from Mandi area.


File photo of Gaggal airport. Photo: myhimachalholiday

There is a place called Gogrdhar between Jogindernagar and Mandi. Here there is a large open space, which has been considered in the initial surveys. If the airspace-related (meteorological) report found favoring, a suitable plan may end up for this location.

The second potential site is being viewed at Una. A skill infrastructure company has taken an initiative to back the plan of building a large international level airport here.

In this context, Kangra and Bilaspur are also being explored. Himachal MP over this large project are actively playing their role. Himachal Pradesh government has sent a proposal to to the central ministry for Mandi and Kangra through Tourism Department.

Earlier in Mandi in Nerdangu, near Kandaghat in Solan preliminary survey by Airports Authority of India were proposed, however, the foreseen extremely high costs due to the slope rejected these proposals. Bilaspur and Una in Brans had broad prospects, but for unknown reasons, these areas were not covered in the survey. Gaggal where there is small airport right now, continues to be looked for possibilities in and around.

If any of Mandi, Kangra, Una and Bilaspur were selected for the appropriate place for the airport,  HP could earn a major achievement. In the absence of good air connectivity in Himachal we are not even being able to develop high-class tourism.

Dharamsala, Shimla potential

Kiratpur-Ner Chowk four-lane as well as the Shimla, Dharamsala four lane rises some hope. If the airport is approved in these areas it can prove to be significant in terms of tourism. These cities have class hotels already.