Interesting Facts Related to Republic Day

The Republic Day of India is celebrated every year on 26 January. It is a very proud day for the people of India. It was the day when India got its constitution and became a full-fledged democratic republic.

The day is significant because it is the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence (Purna Swaraj) which was officially announced on 26 January 1930.

The chief guest of the Republic Day celebrations this year is the President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Al-Sisi arrived in India on Tuesday (January 24).

This is the first time that the President of a Muslim country- Egypt, has been invited as the chief guest for the event. Well the relations between India and Egypt are historical.

It is known to all that January 26 is celebrated as an independent republic. But there are also some interesting facts about it, let’s know about some of them.

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