Landslide hinders NH restoration, lakhs of boxes of apples trapped in Kinnaur district

Strategically important National Highway-5 could not be restored for traffic even on the second day in Nathpa.

The process of landslides and cracking of rocks from the hills is not stopping, due to which the problems of thousands of people are increasing. Lakhs of apple boxes are stuck in Kinnaur district.

Although, the NH authority has restored 30 meters of road from Shimla side and about 20 meters from Kinnaur side, but 150 meters of road is still covered with debris.

It is noteworthy that since around 2 o’clock on Saturday night, the process of rockslides and landslides is going on from the hill in Nathpa. Due to the landslide from the hill, about 200 meter part of the NH has been buried under a pile of rocks and debris.

Due to this, thousands of people of Kinnaur district and tourists coming to Kinnaur from India and abroad are facing problems.

For the second day on Sunday, the machines and workers of the National Highway Authority were busy in restoring the blocked road, but the lives of the workers are also at risk due to the continuous landslides from the hill.

On Sunday, passengers were sent by transit in Transport Corporation buses, while smaller vehicles headed towards Kinnaur via Plingee via Nichar.

Due to the continuous landslides from the hill, it may take three to four days to restore the NH.

The authority has deployed five machines and about 20 laborers on the spot for the restoration of the NH, who are engaged in the restoration of the road on a war footing.

On the other hand, XEN KL Suman of NH Authority Rampur said that about 50 meter portion of National Highway 5 which was blocked in Nathpa has been opened. There are continuous landslides from the hill, due to which the NH restoration work is being affected.

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