Landslides at various places on Chandigarh-Manali National Highway

Shimla: It rained like a disaster in Mandi district. The roadway has been blocked due to a landslide on the Chandigarh-Manali National Highway.

The National Highway is closed between Mandi-Pandoh due to the falling of rocks and debris near seven miles.

Due to the closure of the road, the passengers are stuck in a hungry and thirsty jam since last night.

Machinery is engaged to restore the National Highway, but due to repeated debris, there is a hindrance in restoring the traffic.

On the other hand, the NH Mandi-Pathankot road was blocked for four hours due to incessant rains due to debris coming into Swad Nala near Ghatasani.

Traffic was restored at around 7.30 am. During this, long queues of vehicles started at both ends of the NH. Due to this the passengers traveling in NH had to worry.

The Katindi-Kamand-Bajora alternate route has also been blocked for traffic due to another landslide near Shalgi.

Here the Public Works Department has deployed JCB, the work of restoring the closed road has been started, but the relief work is getting affected due to frequent landslides from the hill.

At the same time, dozens of contact routes in the Drang area have been closed due to torrential rains.

Where the Public Works Department has sent machinery to restore the closed routes.

NHAI site engineer Sahil Joshi said that heavy debris had come to NH near Swad Nala. The blocked route has been restored by sending JCB machine at 7:30 am.

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