Price hike in domestic gas cylinder in Himachal Pradesh

kitchen-gas-cylinder-3d-modelIn Himachal Pradesh domestic household gas cylinders price has increase by 55 rupees. The consumers have to pay Rs. 639 in the month of December. Especially in Shimla city people have to pay extra Rs 50 for home delivery. It means that the total expenses in gas cylinder will be Rs 689 for a Shimla consumer.

According to initiative planning (Direct Benefit Profit LPG) those consumers who have connected under DBPL the central government will be refunding Rs.187 subsidy into their bank accounts. The consumers who have surrendered gas subsidy will also have to pay VAT. Those consumers who have not connected under subsidy will get gas cylinder at Rs 646.60.

Rs 94 hike in Commercial cylinder price

On the other hand, there is an increase of Rs. 94 in the price of commercial gas cylinder. From this month, commercial gas cylinder will be available at Rs. 1220. Rs. 100 delivery charges will be extra. New prices willl in effect in the state from today.

Subsidy on 12 cylinders until March 2017

12 gas cylinders will be supplied at subsidy from April 2016 to March 2017. Additional cylinders will be charged without subsidy.

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