Recruitment process of new jobs stalled due to lack of a decision at the state government level

Shimla: Due to lack of a decision at the state government level in Himachal, the recruitment process of new jobs is stalled. This situation has remained till now after April, 2023. The main reason for this is a decision on contract rules taken in the cabinet meeting on 13 April.

This decision is neither being implemented till now, nor is it being repealed. With no decision on the file yet, the recruitment agency is also just waiting.

After the change of power in the state, the cabinet of the Congress government, in its meeting on April 13, had decided that the rules for contract recruitment would be changed.

The change was regarding the duration of the contract and the salary of the contract. After a process of about three months, this file was prepared and the Department of Personnel also took permission from the Public Service Commission, Law Department and Finance Department to implement this decision.

But the state government put it on hold at the last moment. Then the instructions came that the present rules of the contract should be continued, but no written instructions have been issued in this regard till now.

The Chief Secretary has received this detail from the Vigilance Bureau on Tuesday. On this file, after taking permission from the Chief Minister’s Office, a case will be sent to the Public Service Commission for declaring the results of 26 post codes outside the paper leak investigation.

However, a day ago the new Personnel Secretary Dr. Amandeep Garg called the Secretary of the Public Service Commission and held a meeting in this regard.

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