Stone floating in water becomes center of faith for people

Shimla: Himachal is not called Devbhoomi for no reason. Gods reside in every particle here. Maryada Purushottam Lord Ram had visited Himachal during his exile, many proofs of which are present here.

Such a thing has been found in Bilaspur, which a huge crowd is gathering to see. A floating stone has been found in the Gobind Sagar lake Luhnughat under the Bilaspur district.

The stone is being connected to Ram Setu, where it remains the center of people’s faith. The stone has been installed in the Hanuman temple located at Luhnu Maidan. Crowds are gathering to see the stone.

It is being told that motor boat driver Vijay Chand, resident of Barry Dadola, has found this stone. The stone is now being associated with faith. People are seeing the stone. However, this stone remains the center of faith.

On the other hand, local people say that this stone will remain the center of faith in the coming future also. He said that this stone has been installed in the Hanuman temple, and whoever wants to have darshan of this stone, the center of this faith, can come to the Hanuman temple Lucknow Ghat and have darshan of it.

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