Suhi fair of Chamba Started, There was a lot of Excitement

The historical Suhi Mata Mela of Chamba district began with worship. On Tuesday, a procession was taken out from the Pink Palace on the inauguration of the 3-day fair.

Through a procession, the symbol of Mata was taken from the Pink Palace to the temple situated on the Shamdhar hill.

A large number of people participated in it. Now the symbol will be kept here for 3 days for devotees to see. According to tradition, the procession is led by a girl from a royal family, but if there is no virgin girl in the royal family, it is led by a girl from a Brahmin family.

This time Purvi Bhardwaj, the daughter of a Brahmin family, led the procession. Chamba Sadar MLA Neeraj Nayyar and City Council President Neelam Nayyar were present in this procession.

The daughter of a Brahmin family performed the ritual of worship

Purvi Bhardwaj, the daughter of a Brahmin family, also performed the ritual of worship on the occasion of the installation of the icon in the Suhi temple located on the Shamdhar hill.

On the other hand, President of Municipal Council Chamba Neelam Nayyar said that this is a historical fair of Chamba.

MLA Neeraj Nayyar wished the residents of the district for the fair. He said that people’s faith is attached to this fair. His wife Bharti Nayyar was also present with him on this occasion.

On Wednesday, the second day of the fair, the priest and the royal girl will worship Suhi Mata’s tomb by going to Maluna. After this, the fair will be duly concluded on Thursday after worship in the morning and evening.

The status of the fair will increase

Former Education Minister Asha Kumari offered prayers at the Pink Palace on the inauguration of the fair. He said that Queen Sunayana was a strong woman who sacrificed her life for the welfare of the people.

During that time he had said that do not express sorrow over my sacrifice but celebrate it as a festival. This is the reason why this day is celebrated as a fair. The local MLA has said about increasing the level of the fair.

Queen Sunayana was the wife of King Sahil Varman.

Suhi Mata is also known as Sunayana Devi. Rani Sunayana was the wife of Raja Sahil Varman. Queen’s son Yugakar had built a temple on the Shamdhar hill in the memory of his mother. This fact is also mentioned in a copper plate.

Raja Sahil Varman shifted his capital from Bharmour to Chamba in the tenth century. He was a very religious king with a skilled administrator who was ready to make any sacrifice in the public interest at any time. The story of this sacrifice is very interesting and heart breaking.

That’s why the fair is celebrated

During the princely period, there was a shortage of water in Chamba town. It is believed that Queen Sunayana took samadhi to remove the water shortage in the city. The queen had a dream, after which the queen took samadhi.

After this the water shortage in Chamba was over. Rani Sunayana had given her life laughingly for the people of Chamba.

On Monday, apart from shopping fiercely, people also enjoyed eating spicy dishes at the temporary shops decorated for Suhi Mela at Rajnaun.

On Tuesday morning, the icon of Rani Sunayana was taken from the Pink Palace to the temple at Suhi Madh in a grand procession. The women of the Gaddi community involved in the procession recalled the sacrifice of Rani Sunayana through folk songs.

The procession was led by Sadar MLA Neeraj Nayyar and City Council President Neelam Nayyar. With the establishment of the symbol of Mata in Suhi Madh, the process of devotees reaching the temple has started.

On Wednesday, a procession from Suhi Marh will go to Maluna, the place of sacrifice of Rani Sunayana. On Thursday, the last day of the fair, the symbol of Mata will be brought back to the Pink Palace. Thursday night will be celebrated as the night of mourning in the district.

In the procession of Suhi Mata fair, SDM Sadar Arun Sharma, Sadar MLA’s wife Bharti Nayyar, Municipal Council Vice President Seema Kashyap, Municipal Council Assistant Engineer Rajesh Chaudhary, Junior Engineer Sanjeev Sharma, Chand Nayyar, Councilor Devindra Sharma, Dalip Sehgal and all the councilors. Apart from this, many dignitaries registered their presence.

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