The Mall – Heart of Shimla

The Mall

About The Mall

So called the heart of Shimla, The Mall is the most attracting thing in the town. The Mall is the  centre of Shimla’s buzzing social life. It is a fairly level meandering esplanade that runs along the ridge.

Tourists, both Indian and foreign, mingle with the locals and uniformed schoolchildren. An amazing multitude of honeymooners, bright and beautifully clad young couples, flock to this hill resort from all over India, and stand coyly to be photographed. In the heyday of the British, the Mall often saw officers resplendent in their uniforms, memsahib in beautiful gowns and proud nannies behind baby prams taking their evening walk.

The Mall Road

It was just the place to see and be seen at. And as everyone wanted to be seen, it remained most crowded during the high season. The Mall stretches between Barnes Court in the east to the Vice regal Lodge in the west. There’s a passenger lift connecting Cart Road to the (eastern) Mall. The main bazaar is concentrated along the middle and has many restaurants and most of the interesting buildings of Shimla.

The Mall – Walkers’ Paradise

A fair walk  through The Mall is required to appreciate the beauty of its shops, cafes, stores and restraunts. However, on feet is the only way to tread its neat&clean road as no vehicles other than the most emergent ones (i.e. fire brigade& Medicos and some top Administrative officials) are allowed.

In and Around The Mall

Scandal Point:  The name is derived from Maharaja of Patiala’s dalliances. According to the fact that ex-Maharaja fancied over the daughter of the then Viceroy of India, and she was walking over this point and she was kidnapped by the Maharaja. This is why this point is called Scandal Point, where such a glaring scandal took place during British Rule in India.

Scandal Point is a meeting place for so many daily ventures, affairs and looks all day young and full of life. Tourist can be viewed  in the day time here  trying to catch the never ending rush in their cameras.

Lala Lajpat Rai’s statue re-installed here, being brought from Lahore after independence. A Rendezvous Place !

Westward to Scandal Point

General Post Office:    Just next to Scandal Point there is wooden built building of General Post Office, Shimla. Boasts of Imperial Shimla’s Tonga service, only one of its kind in the world. Mail brought from Kalka on tongas driven by Pathans on Kabul horses.

Kali Bari Temple:      Built in 1845. Dedicated to godess Kali. Believed that an ancient temple of Shamla (blue female) i.e. godess Kali existed near Rotheny Castle on Jakhoo. Wooden image worshipped locally. During early British days, it was removed to a wooden structure, present Kali Bari.

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