Vashisht – Famous for Hot Water Spring



Vashisht is small and beautiful village situated on the bank of river Beas. It is situated 3 km from Manali.

About Vashisht

There is famous hot sulpher spring. There is a temple which is dedicated to to Vashishta Muni. This place is meditaion place for Vashishta Maharshi. When Laxman came to take the help of Vashishta muni for Ashwa megha yaga, to warm up the cold place, he fired an arrow to the ground from where hot water spring gushed out. Till now there is a belief that the water here is having medicinal values.

Architecture of Vashisht Temple

The shape of the temple is pyramidal. Vashisht is also famous for its temple. The houses in the village are traditional style.

Vashisht Temple

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Tourists across all world and from India come to bathe in the hot springs. There is bathing pool with stone floors. The shower fitted here is Turkish style. There are two seprate bath rooms for men and women for bathing always fulled by tourists. There is another ancient Rama Temple in front of Vashisht Temple. This place is always allied the pilgrims. From Vashisht we can see best view of Beas River.