Himachal’s Most Haunted and Invisible Mansion

As we are already going on with the haunted series of Himachal Pradesh since last few weeks, so let’s continue with it. In that on-going series next in number we have Charleville Mansion.

Charleville Mansion is a century-old abandoned fort, built during the British era. Perched on the lush green hills of Shimla, it once used to be the home of a British officer, Victor Bailey, and his wife.

Victor was appointed as the Assistant Secretary of the Railway in 1913. The couple decided to stay in this mansion because of its low rent however they didn’t knew about its past.

 Before him, an army officer lived in the haveli. The mere sight of the haveli is eerie, making it a definite entry in our list of most haunted places in Shimla.

They have reported strange occurrences inside the house such as seeing a British gentleman who slowly disappears, smashes and crashes things in the house. The activities were quite violent and disturbing.

These unexpected activities used to happen in one of the upper rooms. When that room was locked by the owner after few hours they heard a sound or crash. They ran upstairs and opened the room.

To their shock the room was completely shattered, mirrors were broken, furniture had been thrown against the walls and the room was generally in disarray. The couple immediately vacated that mansion and never returned back.

Few years later, when Victor and his wife shifted to that mansion everything was perfectly fine for almost around a year. But one night couple went out for a dinner party and one of their servants was at home.

During the night servant saw someone roaming in the house to who he described as an English Gentleman. He went after him to check but the shadow disappeared through a closed door.

The door of the same room which was locked by the previous owners. After hearing all the story from servant Victor and his wife immediately left the mansion. It’s been haunted ever since.

Some people also say a woman used to live in this mansion after Victor’s and she sold this house to Indian family after India got independence in 1947.

According to the people living around, they have seen a shadow of someone walking around and it disappears all of a sudden. Due to such reasons this villa stays empty for all the time.

Currently the mansion is owned by an Indian who has renovated the entire house. Even today, locals report apparitions of ghostly figures and shadows inside the mansion. It is actually one of the famous haunted places in Shimla.

According to some other sources, no one can actually find now that where the mansion is. People say that Indian owner has refurbished and renamed that mansion. So it is hard to find.

It is hard to say what the reality of this mansion is but whatever it is. The stories are enough to give you goose bumps. Next time whenever you visit Shimla try to find and visit this place. Please do share your experience with us.

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