Most Haunted Temple of Himachal Pradesh

Know about this ghost temple located on Manali-Leh road, there is a true story related to it

The valleys of Himachal Pradesh are as beautiful as they are said to be dangerous.

Today we are telling you about such an inaccessible place here, about which it is said that ghosts live in this place.

People coming out of this place go ahead by keeping mineral water and cigarettes in place of this ghost.

Gata Loops is on the Manali Leh road of Himachal. At an altitude of about 17,000 feet, the deserted mountains and silence give a strange feeling.

Here is a small house of ghosts. How this place (house) came into existence has a different story.

No one goes to this scary place. People who pass through this place go ahead only by keeping mineral water and cigarettes in front of this mysterious place of ghosts.

The dangerous 21 twisted hairpin bends on the Manali-Leh National Highway are called Geta Loops.

It is also considered as the most dangerous road in India. In winter, this road remains closed due to heavy snowfall.

The plateau plains of Sarachu are visible as soon as they reach the border of Himachal Pradesh via Keylong from Manali. After this comes a river, then comes a dangerous hill.

It is said that in this area a truck broke down at this particular place about a decade and a half ago.

It was the beginning of winter, it was snowing lightly. The truck driver left the cleaner in the truck and went to the village for help.

The distance of that village from this place was around forty kilometres. During this the weather got worse and the road was closed due to heavy snowfall.

A week later the snow storm stopped. By the time the driver returned with help, the cleaner died of hunger and thirst. His body was found inside the truck.

Saddened by the death of his assistant, the driver cremated him at the same place. The cleaner was buried at the same place where the truck was parked.

A few days after this incident, strange and scary incidents started happening with the people coming out of this place.

At this place a boy started appearing frequently, who would ask them for some food and water to drink.

Those who did not give it to him would meet with an accident after few kilometres as that boy starts following them.

It is said that people coming from outside used to die due to difficulty in breathing at such a height.

Many people also gave water to the boy, but the water bottle used to fall down from his hand and he kept on asking people for water and food with tears in his eyes in a very helpless situation.

During that time so many accidents started happening in this inaccessible place that people started refusing to go here.

The discussion about this place started all over Himachal. Pundits were called to pacify this ghost, who got him a place made here after the rituals.

The drivers passing by started offering bottles filled with mineral water and cold drinks at this place.

Many people also started offering liquor and cigarettes as offerings in this place. The people of the village say that after making the proper place for the ghost, they stopped seeing the ghost of that young man.

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