Baba Baroh Temple- Unique Mixture of Marble and Architecture

The Baba Baroh Temple is about 23 km from Kangra in Himachal Pradesh. Due to the maximum amount of marble in the construction of the temple, this temple easily attracts the attention of tourists.

This temple is not only known for its religious importance, but also for the amazing idols installed inside the temple. There is a supernatural statue made of metal of Maa Durga kept on the temple premises.

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October is considered best for visiting this temple. This temple, made of marble during Dussehra, sparkles with light.

This temple was built by permanent follower and Shiva devotee Baliram Sharma. This temple was earlier under a tree of large Bad tree, due to which people started calling this temple as Baba Baroh Temple.

The temple has idols of Lord Krishna and Radha in the floor. Baba Baroh Temple is also known as Lord Krishna and Radha Temple. On the occasion of Janmashtami, devotees from Mathura definitely come here every year.

Their idols are kept in the main temple. On the second floor, the idol of Goddess Durga placed inside the temple is made of metal which is the focal point of attraction for tourists visiting here.

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Statues of Lord Shiva, Maa Durga, Sai Baba, and Lord Hanuman are also installed here. There is a temple of Lord Shiva on the other corner in the temple complex.

Temple Characteristics

In the construction of this temple, a mixture of modern architecture and architecture of ancient South India is seen. Architectural skill of this temple is worth watching.

Some work in the temple is also done for social welfare, such as giving shelter to the cow and the anchor service. This temple has a unique feeling when seeing the snow-covered Himalayan Mountains.

How to Reach Baroh Temple

If you want to reach here by air travel, then Gaggal Airport is about 33 kilometers from here. The nearest railway station for the rail journey is Kangra, which is about 31 kilometers from here.

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Kangra is well connected to all major cities of Chandigarh and Punjab including Himachal by road. There are three ways to reach Baba Baroh temple.

One path directly leads to the temple from Kangra to another from the volcano and the third route via Nagrota Bagwan.

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