Rohru Situated on the Banks of River Pabbar in Shimla District is Famous for Fishing and Apples.

In big cities, people often seek natural beauty for mental relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. However, many of these people do not know where to go.

If you are also looking for a place where you want to spend time peacefully with your family amidst natural beauty, Rohru, a beautiful hill station in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh, can prove to be a great tourist destination for you.

Situated on the banks of Pabbar River at an altitude of about 1525 meters above sea level, Rohru is famous for its natural beauty and apple farms.

Famous for Apples

It is said about Rohru that this city was developed by Raja Bajrang Bahadur Singh. After the independence of the country, Bajrang Bahadur Singh, who was made the Deputy Governor of Himachal, liked this place very much.

He turned this place into an ideal fishing spot. Rohru is also a major place for trout fishing even today.

Apart from this, Rohru is also very popular for its apple farms. Rohru has two varieties of red and royal delicious apples.

Apart from this, Rohru also has a lot to offer to the adventure-loving tourists. Tourists can also do trekking, paragliding and hand gliding while coming to Rohru.

Tourists visiting Rohru can also visit tourist places like Shikhru devta temple Chirgaon, Dodra and Chanshal Range.

Hatkoti and Jubbal

Hatkoti, another beautiful tourist spot situated on the banks of river Pabbar, is only 12 kilometers from Rohru.

In such a situation, tourists can also visit Hatkoti while visiting Rohru. This place is the ‘Sangam’ of the waters of three rivers, which is known as a pilgrimage site for Hindus.

Another beautiful tourist destination is Jubbal, about 25 km from Rohru, which is famous for its beautiful palace of European and vernacular craftsmanship.

Weather in Rohru

The weather of Rohru is moderate throughout the year except in winters. The temperature here goes below zero in winter.

In such a situation, tourists who want to visit Rohru in winter should carry heavy woolen clothes with them. And in the summer season, the temperature of this place remains between 14 degree Celsius and 20 degree Celsius.

Rohru receives erratic rainfall during monsoon, so travelers are advised to carry suitable means to avoid rain. The best time to visit here is between March and November.

How To Reach Rohru

Tourists can reach Rohdu which is 115 km away from Shimla by bus. The nearest major railway station from Rohru is Kalka, about 165 km away.
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Broad gauge line has been laid till Kalka. Toy train runs from Kalka to Shimla, which is a narrow gauge line.

The nearest major airport to Rohru is at Chandigarh, about 220 km away. Tourists can reach Jubbarhatti Airport by taking a flight from Chandigarh Airport or Delhi Airport. The distance from Rohru to Jubbarhatti airport is approximately 129 kms.

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