First Critical Care Center to be Built at Kathed on Kalka-Shimla NH

22 crores will be spent on Kullu-Manali NH

The first critical care center will be set up at Kathed on Kalka-Shimla National Highway 5. For this, the Health Department has selected the place along with the newly constructed Regional Hospital in Kathed.

A separate laboratory will also be prepared in the center. This will not affect testing in case of emergency. To do this work, Chief Architect Shimla has also been asked to prepare a map after seeing the place soon.

Along with this, an assessment has also been asked to prepare for the building of the Critical Care Center so that the work can be started after taking permission for it.

It is being told that the Critical Care Center will be set up as per the instructions of the Union Health Ministry. In this center, facility of other necessary equipment including oxygen will also be available.

This ward will be more useful in an epidemic like Corona and the patients will not have to worry during the epidemic.

There is no such center on the Kalka-Shimla highway

So far there is no such center on the Kalka-Shimla highway where patients can be kept separate from others. This caused more trouble for the patients. It may be noted that the construction work of the Regional Hospital is going on at Kathed adjacent to the city on NH-5.

During the construction of the building, 1.5 bighas of land have been saved in the prescribed drawing. Now this land has been selected for the critical care ward. It is being told that this building will be of five storeys.

In this, the health department has prepared a proposal to provide state-of-the-art facilities to the patients. The special thing is that after the completion of this building, if an epidemic like corona comes in future, then there will be no need to vacate other wards for the treatment of patients.

During the Corona epidemic, many wards of hospitals were converted into Corona wards in emergency. Due to this, there were many problems in the treatment of other patients.

Health Minister has also Inspected

Health Minister Col. Dr. Dhaniram Shandil also recently inspected the hospital being built in Kathed. During this, he also gave various guidelines to the hospital administration related to the Critical Care Center and asked them to use the land outside the drawing.

After this, Dr. SL Verma, Sanjeev Kashiv and Gaurav Thakur, Medical Superintendents of Hospital Administration, immediately proposed to the Chief Architect to set up a lab with a five-storey center.

It is being told that in the coming days the team will prepare a map after inspecting the spot. At the same time, the executive engineer of the Public Works Department has also been asked to send the plan. A letter has come to the department for this.

A critical care center will be set up in Kathed along with the newly constructed regional hospital. For this, contact has been made with Chief Architect Shimla and proposal has been given. This center will be of five storeys.

It will have modern facilities. A separate lab will also be prepared in this building. The place has been selected for all these. This center will be built on about 1.5 bighas of land.

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