Fourlane Project of NH will be Approved, Work Will start work as soon as they are Cleared

The National Highway Project worth seven thousand crore rupees trapped in the forest clearance can be approved today. The Forest and Environment Department has to investigate these projects.

Actually, there are seven projects of Fourlane on the National Highway and their construction is to be completed for Rs 7000 crore.

The meeting for the month of February on Forest clearance is proposed on Tuesday. In this meeting, other development works including seven projects of National Highway will be discussed.

In the January meeting, the National Highway project was returned without discussion. Suggestions for necessary improvement in these projects were also given.

After this, NHAI has sent the files for approval after completing the necessary improvements in these projects.

Due to the non-availability of forest clearance, these seven projects of Fourlane have so far been delayed about one and a half months.

At present, the files of these projects worth seven thousand crores are blowing dust in the office of Revenue Officers from the Environment and Forest Department.

This has been revealed in the review of NHAI with the Chief Minister.

Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu has questioned NHAI on the delay in the National Highway projects and in response to these questions, NHAI has revealed the reason for the delay in the project before the state government.

Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu has said to settle these cases soon. On the other hand, NHAI Project Officer Abdul Basit said that he has high expectations from the meeting to be held on Tuesday.

In this meeting, seven projects of National Highway are engaged in approval. If these projects are approved, NHAI can start work.

Work will be done after Getting Approval

NHAI R.O. Abdul Basit said that there is great hope for the forest clearance on Tuesday.

In the proposed meeting on 21 February, along with the second major project of the state, the file of seven projects of the National Highway will also come into the limelight. If these files are sealed, then the construction work will be started rapidly.

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