NH Parks in Solan Closed for Two Months

The parks built on the Parwanoo-Solan four-lane have been closed for tourists. These parks are closed for the coming days due to maintenance works including the parking facility.

However, tourists coming to visit Dev Bhoomi will not be able to see the beauty of these parks. According to the information received, it will take about two months for the maintenance of these parks built on Kalka Shimla National Highway 5.

Till then people will be prohibited from entering these parks. The Public Works Department has entrusted the maintenance of these parks to the Horticulture and Forest Department.

The idea is also being given to provide basic facilities to the people in the park. Four small and big parks have been constructed in the four-lane built in first phase, but parking facilities have not been provided along with the park. Due to this people have to park their vehicles on the roadside. Due to this, the possibility of accidents also increases.

It may be noted that along with a pleasant journey on the Kalka-Shimla NH, parks have been constructed for the tourists to enjoy the Himachal plains and relax.

Four small and big parks have been built on the highway at Datyar, Koti, Chakkimod, and Shmlech. Two of these parks were opened to the public after their completion.

These parks have been closed for maintenance a few days ago. At the same time, the park built along the road leading to the tunnel in Shmlech has not been opened till date.

JE Horticulture Division Wing Shimla, Public Works Department Mohit Kumar said that the park built on the NH side in Datyar has been prepared by the Horticulture Division Wing Shimla of the Public Works Department and it has been opened to the public.

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