Miyar Valley is the first Choice for Trekkers in Lahaul Spiti

Every year hundreds of trekkers turn to Himachal Pradesh in search of vast grasslands, beautiful hills and breathtaking views. There are many beautiful treks in Himachal Pradesh for trekkers. Miyar Valley is one of these trekkers.

Miyar Valley, famous for its green plains and icy rivers, is in the north-west of Lahaul-Spiti district. This valley, spread over an area of more than 100 km, gives a spectacular view of both Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh.

Many types of beautiful flowers also bloom in Miyar Valley, that is why the local people also call Miyar Valley as Valley of Flowers.

Trek of Moderate Difficulty

The specialty of Miyar Valley is that the track here is of medium difficulty. Miyar Valley is a five-day trek, starting from Khajjar, the last village in Miyar Valley.

However, it is not necessary that trekking should be done only for 5 days. Many finish the trek in just one day. Many people return only after going 10 kilometers into the valley.

Trekking enthusiasts like Miyar Valley a lot. A wonderful view of nature is seen here. Trekking through the vast grasslands is an exciting experience.

The best point here is just below the Miyar Glacier, where you can camp right next to the glacial lakes.

Beautiful Scenery

While trekking in the Miyar Valley, you cross a canal and reach the vast grasslands of Dhoksar. The view here is quite charming. Apart from this, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Castle Peak here.

Here you can see Castle Peak changing from green to dry brown. Yaks, wild horses and eagles are also seen here. While trekking in Miyar Valley, you have to cross many lakes.

You can also have a great time by the lakes here. The spectacular view from here will take away all your tiredness.

How to Reach Miyar Valley

Trekking in Miyar valley starts from Khajjar village. To reach here one has to travel 30 minutes on foot from Shukto. HRTC bus is available from Keylong for Shukto.

You can easily reach Keylong from Manali. The nearest airport to Miyar Valley is at Bhuntar. This airport is connected to New Delhi.

Taxis and cabs are available from Bhuntar Airport to Keylong. The nearest railway station from Miyar Valley is at Joginder Nagar. It is a narrow gauge railway station. Which connects to the main line at Pathankot.

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