NH between Shivdham Baijnath-Bharmour, the State Government sent the Project for the Approval of the Center

The state government has sent a proposal for approval of another national highway to Himachal Pradesh. In this, it has been said to connect Pathankot-Bharmour National Highway with Pathankot-Mandi National Highway No. 154 via Holi.

The length of this National Highway will be about 160 kilometers and will reach Paprola in Baijnath. If the National Highway is approved, the central government will bear the entire cost of its construction.

Currently, the road between Holi in Chamba and Utrala in Kangra is proposed with NABARD funds and has been approved by the previous government. The construction of the road has started from Baijnath side. The work of this patch of about ten kilometers is going on these days.

If the state government builds this road, then there is a possibility of spending up to Rs 100 crore, but if this road is converted into a national highway, then the central government will build it. There will be no financial burden on the state for this.

Significantly, National Highway 154 has been constructed from Chakki to Bharmour, but this National Highway ends at Bharmour. Now the state government has prepared the proposal.

The report sent by the Center mentions 49 rural areas. Out of these, more than 20 thousand population will be benefitted by this National Highway.

The largest villages in terms of population in Bharmour are Deol Khas, Suiya and Garola, which will come at the mouth of the National Highway.

The lowest population of 184 is reported in Quarsi village. However, now the Central Government has to decide on this project of National Highway in Himachal.

On the other hand, Ajay Gupta, Chief Engineer, Public Works Department said that a project has been prepared for expansion of National Highway from Baijnath to Bharmour between Kangra and Chamba.

National Highway 154 reaching from Chakki in Pathankot to Bharmour will be connected to Pathankot-Mandi. If the central government agrees to this project, then the state will save revenue of about Rs 100 crore.

NH will connect Baijnath to Manimahesh

The State Government in its report has also termed this National Highway as a bridge between two religious places. Actually, Baijnath has the biggest abode of Lord Shiva and Manimahesh is the abode of Shiva in Bharmour.

If the National Highway is constructed, then the passengers will easily be able to complete the journey of Chaurasi and Manimahesh.

Holi-Uttara tunnel in Discussion for three Decades

For nearly three decades, this area of Bharmour has been in limelight for the Holi-Uttarala tunnel. Many foreign companies conducted surveys here, but the way for tunnel construction could not be cleared.

The road has been constructed from Holi to Lake Wali Mata Mandir. The construction of the road has been started for about ten kilometers from Baijnath. The Public Works Department wants to build this road with the budget of NABARD.

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