NABARD Approves 25 New Roads, Rs 114.76 Crore will be Spent on 152.5 km Routes

The network of roadways called fate lines in Himachal Pradesh will be further strengthened. The Public Works Department has approved the DPRs of 25 routes sent to NABARD for the construction of new roads in the state.

The budget will be spent in the ratio of 90:10 on these projects worth Rs 114.76 crore. NABARD will give Rs 102.14 crore for the construction of these roads, while the rest of the money will be spent by the state government.

After the construction of these roads, dozens of villages of the state will be able to connect with the all-weather road.

To provide better connectivity to the rural population of the state, the Himachal Pradesh Public Works Department prepared a detailed project report for the construction of new roads and submitted them to NABARD for budget approval.

Under these 25 routes, 152.05 kilometers of new metalled roads will be constructed in the state. For this, the state government will get Rs 102.14 crore as loan from NABARD, while Rs 12.62 crore will be state share. These new roads will be built in nine districts of the state.

After getting approval from NABARD, now the Public Works Department will execute their tender process, so that these fate lines can also be engraved on the ground.

Executive Engineer Ravi Shankar, who is looking after the work of NABARD in the Engineer-in-Chief Office of the Public Works Department, said that 25 road projects worth Rs 114.76 crore have been approved by NABARD. With this, construction of 152.05 km new roads will be possible in the state.

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