Ranital-Bilaspur Rail Line will be Surveyed, the Report Sought from District Administration on 100-kilometer Rail Line

The survey has been ordered for laying the rail line from Ranital to Bilaspur. Chief Operation Manager Survey Northern Railway has sought an immediate report from the district administration.

This survey is to be done for laying a 100-kilometer rail line from Ranital to Bilaspur. The district administration has called for reports from the lower officers coming in its area.

This rail line will have 12 stations within a radius of 100 km, including Ranital, Balugaloa, Jwalaji, Nadaun, Jatiala, Harkhalsa, Hamirpur, Bhota Jari, Babheli, Panol, and Bilaspur stations.

Railways have to give this report on a priority basis. In this survey report, it has to be disclosed how many historical places are there within this 100-kilometer radius and how many cities come within this route.

How much population is there in this area and how much traffic is there. How many people travel on this route daily and the number of potential passengers will also have to be told.

It will determine the amount of agricultural produce and farming land. According to the information received, the district administration is engaged in this work.

People say that the rail line from Ranital to Bilaspur will not only benefit the citizens of Himachal, but also the devotees of the mother who come here.

It is notable that devotees coming to Kangra Devi and Maa Jwalaji Shaktipeeths reach here from northern India.

Now that Ranital station is connected to the big rail line, then it will prove to be a boon for the devotees coming from Delhi and other states because after the formation of the four-lane, the distance from Ranital to Kangra will be reduced to just 12 kilometers and people will be able to reach Jwalaji. The devotees have to travel 15 kilometers from Ranital Railway Station.

Pathankot to Jogindernagar rail line has been lobbying in the past for broad gauge. If the Ranital-Bilaspur rail line is connected to the broad gauge, not only will the devotees get its benefit, but businesses will also get a boost.

The survey of towns, villages, and historical places falling within this 100-kilometer radius has started. It is understood that the Railway Authority is serious about this issue and has called for an immediate report.

If work is done on the blueprint prepared by the Railway Department, then the fate of Himachal will change, the number of passengers will increase and business will increase.

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