Futta Saur- A Mountain of 12 Lakes which is also called Paradise among Trekking lovers.

As soon as the summer begins, a fascination begins among the youth for the mountains. This attraction is increasing year by year.

The trend of youth is increasing day by day towards trekking on the mountains. Many people like to go on trekking with friends, while many youths are very fond of trekking alone.

There are many famous treks around Manali in Himachal Pradesh, but Futta Saur Trek Manali stands out among them all.

Futta Saur is also known as the Mountain of Lakes. This place is considered as a paradise among trekking lovers.

About 15 km from Manali, Futta Saur Mountain is in the Pir Panjal mountain range. There are 12 lakes on this trek and each lake has its own unique beauty.

The most famous of all these lakes is Futta Saur, after which the mountain is named. According to local beliefs, sage Jamdagni used to do penance here in ancient times.

Despite it being summer, there are places covered with snow in this trek. It is said that many types of herbs are also found on this trek.

For the Futta Saur Trek, one has to land at a place named Patlikuhal, about 15 km before Manali. After that one has to take a train to Haripur from there.

The trek to Futta Saur Mountain begins from a village named Soyal, located at some distance from here.

Haripur has a temperature of about 20 degree Celsius in summer. But as you progress on the trek, the temperature can even reach zero.

So one should go with complete preparation for winter. Most of the tourists do this trek in groups under the leadership of trained tour guides. Most tour guides keep this trek for five nights.

On the first day of trekking, the first camp is reached after about five hours of ascent from Soyal village with a visit to Jamdagni Rishi and Kabir Mandir. Where the first night is spent.

Trekking is done on the second day through the beautiful oak forests. A unique view of sunrise and sunset is seen from here.

On the third day, we reach the next camp through the forests of Sanobar, Buransh and Juniper. In the fourth day of trekking, beautiful views of the lakes are seen.

Visiting different lakes, after reaching Futta Saur Lake, return to the third camp on the same day.

Night stay is done after coming to the camp on the fifth day. On the sixth day trekkers first go to Haripur and then from there they can come to Patlikuhal and take a bus.

How To Reach Futta Saur

For Futta Saur first one has to reach Haripur village. Trekking starts from a village named Soil located at some distance ahead.

Before any bus coming to Manali one has to reach Patlikuhal. All types of buses ply from Delhi to Manali including Volvo.

Those coming from other places will also have to come a little ahead of Kullu and get down at Patlikuhal. Bhuntar Airport of Kullu can be reached by air travel.

Next will have to come by road. The nearest railway station is at Joginder Nagar, about 150 km away from here. Which is connected to the main line at Pathankot through narrow gauge.

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