Pandoh Dam



Pandoh Dam is situated 16 km from Mandi district. It lies between 31° 40′ 17″ N, 77° 4′ 1″ E.


The lake is the reservoir of the dam. Pandoh dam water is used generation of hydroelectric. The lake diverts the water from Beas river and flow in into the River Satluj. Pandoh Dam is under Bhakra Beas Management Board. The road built over dam is NH 21.

Pandoh Dam
Pandoh Dam

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The Beas water is diverted through tunnels. The water is used to generate electricity at the Dehar Power House before being discharged into the Sutlej River. The power house has capacity of 990 megawatts.

Water is diverted by 249 tall Pandoh Dam. The water first sent south through the 13.1 Pandoh-Baggi Tunnel. The Tunnel terminates at the beginning of 11.8 km at the end of the channel. The water is stored at the Sunder Nagar Balancing Reservoir. The tunnel ends just before the Dehar Power Plant. The tunnel splits into three sections followed bu six penstocks before reaching the power house.