RaghuNath Ji Temple – Pyramidal and Pahari style temple

RaghuNath Ji Temple


RaghuNath Ji Temple situated 1.5 km distance from Kullu and 40 km from Manali. The chief god of Kullu is Raghunath ji. Dussehra festival is held in the name of Raghunath.

About RaghuNath Ji Temple

Raghunath ji Temple was constructed in 1660 AD. Raghunath Temple is combination of Pyramidal and Pahari style. This temple is dedicated to Lord Rama. The idol is same which was used by Lord Rama himself at the time of Ashwamegh Yagya and was brought from Tretnath temple of Ayodhya. Everday aarti is held for five times in a day.

RaghuNath Ji Temple
Raghunath Temple
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It is said that Raja Jagat Singh used charanamrit of idol for 42 days and was free from the evil effect of the curse of a Brahmin Durga Dutt. It is said that famous idol of Lord Rama Sitting in his chariot was obtained and installed by Raja Jagat Singh, the king of Kullu in the 17th century. This idol is a prime attraction of Raghunathji Temple. Dusshehra is the most important time of the year and it is celebrated sometime in October or November. An idol of Demon Ravana is burnt. The celebrations connected with the homecoming of Lord Rama. Tourists and pilgrims visiting Raghunathji Temple during Dusshehra. The millions of lights and candles along with a festive ambience . treats and joyous zeal.

According to famous folklores in Kullu the king Raja Jagat Singh was responsible for the death of a simple Brahmin. The Brahmin family residing in the village of Tipri. It is said that the king had ordered his soldiers to go to Brahmin family and fetch their pearles. The Brahmin set fire to his own hut and this led to his death and that of other members of his family. The king ought the help and advice of a saint-Shri Kishan Dass ji. Who lived at Naggar. As per his advice, Jagat Singh set off on the path of repentance, embraced Vaishnavism and fetched the idol of Lord Rama from the holy city of Ayodhya. The idol of Lord Rama installed at Raghunath Temple.

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