Spiti Valley – Desert mountain valley of Himachal Pradesh


Spiti Valley is a desert mountain valley situated in the north-eastern part of Himachal Pradesh.  The name of “Spiti” means middle land i.e the land between Tibet and India. It is surrounded by high mountain ranges. The altitude of valley is 12,500 ft from sea level. Rohtang pass seprates Lahul and Spiti from the Kullu valley. Spiti and Lahaul are cut off from each other by Kunzum pass. Spiti is bordered by Ladakh in the north, Tibet to the east, Kinnaur to the south east, and the Kullu Valley to the south.

Spiti Valley
Spiti Valley

Culture of Spiti Valley

Spiti valley is research and cultural centre for Buddhists. Spiti valley comprise monastery like Ki Monastery, Tabo Monastery. These monasteries are among the oldest in the world and favorites of the Dalai Lama. Spiti Valley is summer home of nomadic Gaddi peoples. The Gaddi peoples grazing their animals in this valley. The Gaddi people leave the valley before first snowfall.

Places of interest

Key Monastery

Key Monastery (also spelled Ki, Kye or Kee) is situated 7km from Kaza in Spiti valley. The altitude of Monastery is 4116 meters. The Monastery lies between 32°17′51.84″N and 78°00′43.17″E.

Key Monastery
Key Monastery

The walls of Monastery are covered with paintings. There are three floors in Monastery. The first floor of Key Monastery is used for storage. The second floor of key Monastery is called, the Tangyur, is painted with murals. The ground floor of  Monastery has cells for monks. The Monastery is the biggest monastery of Spiti Valley. The monastery appears like a fortress. The Key monastery is surrounded by snow capped mountains. The route of Key Monastery is very beautiful. The Key Monastery is popular for its architecture called Pasada style. Read more about Key Monastery

Tabo Monastery

Tabo Monastery is situated in Tago village of Spiti. Tobo Monastery is lies between 32°4′48″N 78°22′48″E. Tabo Monastery is also called Ajanta of The Himalayas. The location of the Tabo Monastery is very beautiful. The Tabo Monastery stands at a remote infertile ground. The Tabo Monastery is occupying 6300 sq km.

Tabo Monastery
Tabo Monastery

The Tabo Monastery is surrounded by mud bricks. The temple within the Tabo Monastery complex have multiplicity of wall paintings. The Archaeological Survey of India to restore painting that were damged by time. The photography is not permitted inside the Tabo Monastery.  Read more about Tabo Monastery

How to access

By Air: The nearest airport is Jubbarhatti which is 365 km away . The Jubbarhati airport is situated in Shimla district.

By Rail: The nearest railhead is Kalka which is 455 km form Spiti Valley.

By Bus: Spiti is well connnected by roads. Buses and taxis are available for Spiti valley from Manali and Shimla.


There is no rain in Spiti Valley in monsoon season. Spiti is a cold desert. In winter the temperature can reach below freezing point. Heavy woolens clothes are required. In summers the weather is pleasant but woolens clothes are recommended.