Daisies turn Dalhousie’s Dainkund hill into white wonderland


The Dainkund hill near the picturesque town of Dalhousie has been transformed into a breathtaking wonderland as fields of white daisies are blooming across its high hills. The stunning natural spectacle has not only captivated locals, but also attracted tourists from across the country, who are eager to witness the mesmerising beauty of the delicate flowers.

Every year, as the monsoon season approaches, the hills of Dalhousie come alive with the blooming of white daisies. This year, the bloom has been abundant, creating a sea of white flowers that stretch as far as the eye can see. The daisies, with their bright white petals and yellow centres, contrast beautifully with the lush green backdrop of the hills, creating a scene reminiscent of a fairy tale.

The bloom has turned Dainkund trekking trail into a hotspot for nature enthusiasts, photographers and travellers seeking a tranquil escape. Local hotels and guesthouses have reported a surge in bookings. “It’s like walking through a dream,” says Ananya Singh, a tourist from Maharashtra. “The hills covered in daisies are simply magical,” she added.

Rajiv Mishra, a photographer, said, “I’ve travelled to many places, but the sight of these white daisies at Dainkund is unparalleled. It’s a paradise for photographers.” Similarly, Meera Mohan, visiting from Bangalore with her family, remarked, “The beauty of Dainkund was beyond words.”

The influx of tourists has also provided the much-needed boost to the local economy as the hill station is bustling with activity, benefiting from the increased footfall.

In light of the bloom, there has been a renewed focus on conservation efforts in the region. Environmental groups are working to ensure that the influx of tourists does not negatively impact the delicate ecosystem. Visitors are being encouraged to respect the natural environment, avoid littering and stick to designated paths.

The white daisy bloom holds a special place in the hearts of Dalhousie residents. It is seen as a symbol of purity and peace, embodying the serene and tranquil spirit of the region.

Dainkund is the highest point of the tourist town of Dalhousie. Nestled in serene valleys, the Dainkund peak is an ideal tourist destination for nature lovers and for those seeking moments of tranquillity. A temple of Pohlani Mata is also situated nearby. On the opposite side of the hill is the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary.