Lonavala-type family drowning averted in Himachal’s Kangra as 5 Uttar Pradesh tourists rescued from gushing waters


Five tourists from Uttar Pradesh were on Tuesday morning rescued from a rivulet in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh.

The incident occurred at Banair Khud when the tourists ventured into the water for a bath.

Suddenly, the water level surged and they were trapped in the middle of the flow.

Police, home gaurd jawans staff from fire department successfully effort rescued all the tourists.

They had arrived at Banair Khud around 9 am when the sudden rise in the water level, due to overnight rainfall, created a life-threatening situation.

Local residents also played a crucial role in the rescue operation, ensuring everyone was brought to safety.

The Himachal government has been consistently advising both locals and tourists to avoid rivers, streams and landslide-prone areas, especially during the rainy season. However, many tourists continue to ignore these warnings, venturing into hazardous areas and risking their lives.

The recent incident in Kangra reminds the tragic drowning in Lonavala on Sunday, in which five persons, including four from a family and three children, drowned in a waterfall behind the Bhushi Dam.