Woman tourist from Haryana washed away in Parvati river near Manikaran


A female tourist from Haryana was washed away after she slipped in the gushing waters of the Parvati river while taking photographs near the riverbed near Manikaran in Himachal Pradesh’s Kullu district, police on Thursday said.

The incident occurred on Wednesday evening when the couple—Ajay and his wife Kavita—from Jhajjar in Haryana were taking photographs along the Parvati river around 6:30 pm, an eyewitness said.

The body of the deceased was recovered on Thursday.

Kavita slipped on the slippery stones on the riverbank and fell into the fast-flowing Parvati river. She was carried away by the strong currents despite rescue attempts.

The body of Kavita (31) was recovered during the rescue operation near Suma Ropa, about 4 km from the spot where she fell, police said.

The deceased’s husband identified her body, they said.

This is the third incident of tourists being drowned while clicking photographs in Kullu district in the past one month.

Earlier on June 3, two women tourists belonging to the same family were drowned in the Beas river near Manali as they slipped into the river while taking photographs.

In spite of various sign boards set up by the administration discouraging people from going to nearby rivers, the tourists are endangering their lives by taking selfies/photos near river banks, said officials.