Petrol pumps become empty in Himachal, Read full news

Petrol pumps truck drivers traffic jam

Shimla: With the start of the new year, the fuel and diesel crisis in Himachal Pradesh has gotten worse due to the nationwide truck drivers’ strike.

On Monday, the first day of the New Year, there were issues with 25% of the state’s private bus service routes, and drivers also had trouble filling diesel and petrol.

On Monday, more than half of the petrol pumps stopped working. Most petrol pumps were out of supply of petrol and diesel during this time. At the gas stations where gasoline and diesel are left, there are lengthy lines of cars.

The nationwide truck driver strike over the new Central Government regulation that prohibits the sentence of 10 years in prison and a fine of Rs 7 lakh in hit-and-run cases is having an impact on the state’s fuel and diesel supplies.

If the truck drivers’ strike continues in this manner, then people’s troubles can get worse. By Tuesday, every petrol station in the state might run out of fuel.

Petrol pumps truck drivers traffic jam

For the past three days, Indian Oil’s Una facility has not been supplying fuel or diesel. In the upcoming days, the supply of vegetables, rations, petrol cylinders, milk and bread services would all be impacted by the truck drivers’ strike.

Due to the lack of diesel in numerous districts, including Bilaspur, Una, Kangra, Mandi, Solan, and Chamba, many bus routes were blocked on Monday.

Additionally, drivers encountered difficulties when filling up the tank. In many instances, fuel and diesel valued at more than Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 are not given at the petrol pump, even if there is still oil in it.

The lack of diesel led to the cancellation of 25% of private bus services.

Private bus operators in the state are now opposed to the central law, following truck drivers. There are over 3300 private bus lines in the state, according to Rajesh Parashan, State President of the Private Bus Operators Union.

Due to the lack of diesel at petrol stations, 25% of the state’s private bus routes remained suspended on Monday. In such a scenario, operating buses will become challenging, and bus services may come to a complete halt in the upcoming days if the oil supply is not quickly restored.

34 tankers were sent to three districts under police guard.

Amidst the deepening crisis of petrol and diesel in Himachal Pradesh, supply has been started from oil tankers under police guard. On Monday, 34 oil tankers were sent from Hindustan Petroleum’s Nalagarh depot to Shimla, Solan, and Sirmaur amid police security.

During this period, police protection was provided to the tankers to avoid any tense situations. This will provide relief from the shortage of petrol and diesel to some extent.