Ridge – Large open space in heart of Shimla


About The Ridge

Ridge is a large open space in the heart of Shimla town. Ridge presents excellent views of the mountain ranges. At Ridge two worth seeing landmarks are there. The Christ Church and Tudor library building. Altitude at Ridge is 2130 meters.The Ridge is not just a portion of land in Shimla but it contains life line of the town. The water reservoir beneath it has a storage of ten lac gallons of water. The reservoir was constructed without using an ounce of cement in the eighteen eighties with the help of lime mortar as a building material. A major port on of the flat land consist of the debris and has resulted into so called sinking zone.

The church on the ridge Shimla has been a witness to numerous historical moments. The Ridge is considered to be a sacred place and this may be the reason that the then Municipal Engineer Mr. Fletcher had the temerity to lay before the vehicle of the viceroy so as to stop him from crossing the Ridge.

The Ridge

Poor Engineer must have been having a nightmare in his grave since even the air outlet of the Ridge Shimla reservoir stand removed! Mahatma Gandhi’s statue on the Ridge must have been a logical fall out of the Indian Independence, but the Ridge is now adorned by more statues prompting old timers to term it as “Butt Kadan” i.e. “House of Statues”. The rainfall on the Ridge results water taking two separate courses, one leads to the Bay of Bengal and the other to the Arabian Seas. Some rationalists point out that where even water get divided the opinion are seldom likely to be one, it is but natural that even before the Shimla summit concluded its obituary had been splashed by the media! The Ridge Shimla continue to evoke different opinion and definitely the same would be the fate of 24th March rally!.





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