“Holiday Special Train” started on Kalka-Shimla Track


Holiday special train started on the Kalka-Shimla heritage railway track on Sunday. Now in total seven trains are running on this track. A large number of tourists are coming to Shimla by rail during summer vacations.

Tourists are facing difficulties in booking seats in trains coming to Shimla due to the long waiting list.

Northern Railway is going to run an additional special train to provide additional facilities to the tourists, but due to the non-availability of online booking in this train, tourists have to buy tickets at the counter itself.

"Holiday Special Train" started on Kalka-Shimla track

In such a situation, tourists coming from outside states are not getting much benefit of the holiday special train.

This is because tourists get tickets only if they reach the counter on time. On the other hand, if tickets are not available, tourists have to take taxis from the station itself.

In such a situation, holiday special trains have been started for the convenience of tourists, but very few tourists are able to take advantage of it.

The holiday-day special train was earlier planned to run in the first week of May, but keeping in view the huge demand of passengers, the railway management has decided to run it from Sunday.

This train will leave Kalka at 01:05 pm and reach Shimla at 07:30 pm. Will leave Shimla for Kalka at 9:20 am, and will reach Kalka at 3:50 pm.

Only 200 people board this train. On the other hand, about 500 people from the plains reach Shimla every day by train. Including foreigners.

In such a situation, to travel in this train, tourists will have to take tickets on time at the counter.

Tourists will get relief from Jam

The purpose of setting up the holiday special train is that the tourists can get rid of the frequent jams on the roads. At the same time, tourists from the plains also prefer to come to Shimla by train.

This saves tourists money and they also get a chance to see the forests of Shimla. But due to non-availability of online tickets, tourists are also facing some problems.

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