Three tourist spots will be built on the forelane, the administration has finalized the sites in Auhar-Mandi Bharadi-Kainchimod

Four lane from above Gaggal airport

Three tourist spots will be developed on Kiratpur-Nerchowk four lane to increase tourism attraction.

In this context, the district administration has finalized the spots near Auhar, Mandi Bharari and Kainchimod, under which the marked land in Auhar and Mandi Bharari has been transferred to the tourism department, while the FCA clearance of the marked land near Kainchimod has been taken. Case is being prepared.

It may be noted that the painting made to welcome the passengers at the entrance of the Kainchimod-Mehla Tunnel in district Bilaspur has become a center of tourist attraction. Similar painting of hill style has been done till Bhawana Tunnel. The portion of fourlane in Bilaspur district comes to 43 km.

Three tourist spots will be built on forelane finalized sites in Auhar-Mandi Bharadi-Kainchimod

Therefore, keeping in view the facilities of tourists, plans have been made for arrangement of fuel stations, charging stations, retail shops, food courts, banks, ATMs and medical clinics, modern toilets, vehicle repair facilities and other types of passenger facilities including local handicrafts.

The possibility of including facilities like Village Haat in the future cannot be ruled out. There is a plan to set up way-side amenity centers in all three spots through the tourism department, where all the facilities will be available to the tourists.

A tourist information center, as well as a cafe, will be operated here where tourists will be able to enjoy the food they want.