Haunted tunnel of Shimla Express Highway


Shimla is a hill Station situated in the hills of Himachal. Many couples go for honeymoon after marriage. Shimla is a very beautiful city, full of natural scenery. As much as Shimla is beautiful it is scary as well.

The beauty of this place is mesmerizing for  the tourists. But do you know that there is such a place in this beautiful hill station which is very scary.

There are many haunted stories related to the Most Haunted Place in Shimla. Shimla’s Barog railway station is also called ghostly tunnel.

It is a scary and haunted destination. People believe that someone’s shadow hangs in the tunnel here.

The history of Shimla’s Barog Tunnel no 33 which is included in UNESCO’s World Heritage in year 2002 is very thrilling. This small hill station is in the route of Shimla where Barog tunnel is built.

Barog is a small village in Shimla, which falls on the Kalka-Shimla highway in Himachal Pradesh. There is a Barog tunnel here, which is named after Colonel Barog, a former British engineer. It is said that his shadow often roams in this tunnel.

 Actually the colonel was given the task of making this tunnel. After which he first inspected the mountain and put marks at two ends and ordered the labourers to dig tunnels from both the ends.

The colonel had an idea that while digging, the two tunnels would come together in the middle and it’s ends will meet. But his guess turned out to be wrong.

The British government was very angry with this mistake of the colonel. So the colonel was fired from his job. Along with this, a fine of Re 1 was also imposed on him.

The colonel became very upset by this fine and humiliation. After this incident, one day he took his dog for a walk inside the wrong built tunnel and shot himself with a gun.

The blood-soaked body was there in the same tunnel for several hours. The witness of that suicide was only the dog, because it took time for the villagers to reach.

The colonel was buried outside the same incomplete tunnel to pay homage to his work. The Barog Pine Wood Hotel stands at the place where the Colonel shot himself.

After the death of Colonel, Subsequently, the work of the tunnel was carried out by Chief Engineer H.S.

Harrington, but he too could not succeed in making it. In the end, Baba Bhalku Ram tried to dig this tunnel and he was successful in 1903. Then it was named Barog Tunnel.

Baba Bhalku Rail Museum has also been built near Shimla Railway Station. Apart from Barog tunnel, this tunnel is also called Haunted Tunnel-33.

There are many haunting stories about the tunnel. People say that even today the shadow of Colonel Barog is seen walking  in this tunnel.

Apart from this, many times people have also heard some screams from inside the tunnel. Many local people have also done worship here, but the spirit of the engineer is still visible.

In reality this tunnel is very scary. If all the lights inside the tunnel are extinguished, then there is a very scary scene inside.

The water of the mountain keeps seeping inside. After walking some distance inside this tunnel, you will find a place, from where strange sounds come.

The government have also installed an iron door to close that tunnel, but one day people found the lock of the door broken. Since then till today it has not been locked again. One can go there and hear the creepy sounds.

Let us tell you, Barog tunnel is 96 km long and there are about 103 tunnels on the Kalka – Shimla route. Train runs at a speed of 25 kilometres per hour but still it takes 2.5 minutes in order to cross this tunnel.

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