Barot – A small Beautiful and lesser known Hill Station


Himachal Pradesh is known as a paradise of tourism. It has many known and unknown tourist places. Barot is one of such unknown places which has not received due encouragement and credit on tourism map of the state.


Located on a distance of 66 Kilometer from Mandi town, which is located on Chandigarh-Manali highway(NH-20), Barot is a beautiful destination surrounded by thick forests of Deodar trees. A series of attractions are in waiting for a traveler in this village. The reservoirs of the Joginder Nagar Hydel Power Project are located here. Barot is a wonderful location which provides enormous opportunities of angling, fishing and trekking to visitors. Barot became a hiving center of tourism in recent years.

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Barot covered in Snow in winters
Barot covered in Snow in winters

Two reservoirs of the power project are located in Barot. It has a trout breeding centre. Across the river Uhl is the Nargu Wild Life Sanctuary home to the ghoral, Himalayan black bear, leopard, Monal, kite, monkey, kasturi deer, wild cat, nilgai, kakkar and a variety of pheasants. Every year hundreds of tourists from nearby places and states like Punjab, Haryana visit it. There is also a high altitude panoramic lake at an height of 14000 (4150m) feet known as Dianasur lake where holy journeys are started in the month of August and September. Lord Hanuman is believed to have stopped over this place while killing an evil witch.

Uhl River and Lamba Dag River joining in Barot
Uhl River and Lamba Dag River joining in Barot

There are many varieties of herbs and flowers over these mountains having great importance and medicinal use. There are many temples of local Devtas (gods) in this valley known as Chauhar Valley. Proper arrangements of staying are available in rest houses being run by government and hotels being run by local bodies. One government school, computer and music centre as well is located here. Population of Barot is a thousand approximately.

Another important sight in this place is the Joginder Nagar power station. An electric trolley, which gets the tourist up to the sharp, stony face of a peak of 2,600 meters high and plunges harshly on the face of the reservoir, is an amazing experience. Since a hamlet, Barot does not have star accommodation facilities to offer, but the locals of this hilly village provide neat and comfortable lodging facilities in their homes.

A beautiful view of reservoir and Uhl river at barot
A beautiful view of reservoir and Uhl river at barot

The road to Broat branches off at Jogindernagar-Mandi high ways and from Jogindernagar the distance is 35 km. If one is lucky enough one can use the trolley up from Jogindernagar which, apart from the thrill, knocks the distance down to 12 km. Through terraced fields and thick cedar forests, the track rises to Jhatingri, an enchanting spot atop the hill.The remains of the summer palace of the former rulers of Mandi are located here.

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Through the little village of Tikkan, the road carries on to Barot. And here, in a neat little package, is an enormous range of outdoor activities. For a start there is a troutbreeding centre from where fish are released into the Uhl and there is a 30 km section of the river which is excellent for angling.

Barot also forms the gateway to the Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary which lies across the Uhl. The sanctuary is home to the monal, black bear and ghoral. Within it are forest rest house s at Thaltuckhod and Silbandhwari. Through woods of cedar and pine a trek route cuts across the sanctuary to Kullu.

Barot lies in the lap of Chuhar/Chauhar Valley. The famous “Hurang Narayan” deity of the International Mandi Shivratri festival comes from the Chuhar Valley. Dev Pashakot is believed to be the King of the Valley and even today people believe in his justice system.

Tikken, A beautiful village on the way to Barot
Tikken, A beautiful village on the way to Barot

Known only to a select band of angling aficionados and some intrepid trekkers, Barot has all the wonderful views , wildlife, adventure- and even the option of solitude – poured into a small but satisfying dish.

Major Attractions in and around Barot

  • Dev Pashakot/Barot Temple is near the Tikken Bridge, 10 KMs before Barot. This is a famous picnic spot. Surrounding the temple there are wonderful scenes and a rivulet flows by side. Devotee bow at the temple and ask for blessings of Lord Pashakot. People tie ribbons to a Banyan tree at the entrance to seek best wishes.
  • Ancient temple in the Devgarh Village. A road branches off from Tikken and takes to Devgarh. Here there is a old Pagoda Style temple, and a newly constructed temple.
  • Luhardi is a village in the Chota Bhangal region of Kangra district. It is seven kilometers from Barot. Chota Bhangal is one of the remotest areas in Himachal Pradesh.
  • Water Reservoir at the Power House in Barot. Although photography is not allowed but you can always request the officials there. A railway carriage track was laid down by the Britishers that still exists.
  • The Haulage Trolley – a steep railway carriage way that was used until early 2000. The Haulage Trolley, when seen from the top can take your breath away because its too steep to be real.
  • Kothi Kohar, Nalohta, and BadaGraan Villages- These villages lie in the Chota Bhangal region. The green fields and snow clad mountains will take you to the dream land.

How to reach

Barot is 66KM from Mandi which is on Chandigarh-Manali national highway. It is 40 KM from Joginder Nagar. Road to Barot is branched from a small village Ghatasani which is on Mandi-Pathankot national highway. If Barot is on your travel map you would recognize Ghatasani with a large gate welcoming visitor to Chuhar Valley. Ghatasani is the entrance point or gateway to the Valley. Barot lies at a distance of 25 KMs from Ghatasni and it normally takes 1- 2 hours to reach Barot. Road is good but at some points it may have some patches and of course it is curvy and hilly so drive carefully.

By road, route from Delhi is Delhi – Chandigarh – Bilaspur – Mandi – Ghatasni – Barot (About 500 km)
From Pathankot, route is Pathankot – Palampur – Jogindernagar – Ghatasni- Barot (about 206 km)

By Train, Delhi – Pathankot (480KM) and the narrow gauge track from Pathankot – Jogindernagar (153KM). From Joginder to Ghatasni to Barot (35KM) by road.

By air : Barot is 127 km from Bhuntar airport near Kullu. You can also reach Barot from Gaggal airport near Kangra, approximate distance is 97 km.

Ghatasni is place where road to Barot branches off from NH 20 Jogindernagar to Mandi route.

Where to stay in Barot

A) Home Stays
1. River view Mob. 9418763841 9736550312
2. Shobhla Mob-9418298556 & 01908267223
3. Barrage view Mob-97369-58568 & 98168-63982

B) Guest Houses ::
1. K.K Negi Guest House Ph: 01908-267312
2. Heera Guest House 094182-60576
3. Sachin Guest House 01908 – 267342, Mobile: 098168-07627

C) Govt. Rest Houses
1. PWD Rest House(booking office in Teh Paddhar): 01908-260665
2. Forest rest house (booking at Jogindernagar forest deptt.) search yourself

Expected rates are Rs. 300 – 500 for two room set.

(Coordinates of Barot are 32°2′11″N 76°50′51″E)

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