Brave woman crosses river for daily needs risking her life!!


Hill people are known for their rough-and-tough lifestyle.  The women and men of the mountains work so hard and risky their lives just to fulfill their daily needs and day-to-day affairs. In the high mountain areas, to cross the trolley bridge built on a ropeway is a daily affair for its inhabitants. Tourists coming from the plains are stunned to see them crossing rivers this way and applaud their courage and guts.

Watch this video posted on social networking site Twitter. Aren’t those stunts shown in realty show such as “Khatron Ke Khiladi” are mere a left-handed game for thousands of hilly women like this young lady?

It is a different matter that, only due to the negligence of the governments, people have to be forced to take such life-threatening risks for everyday needs. Once can say that Himachal Pradesh so backward that people have to put their life at risk for basic needs. But these people can not afford a slight moment of carelessness. One can say that, even after 70 years of independence, bravery is their the only survival tool.

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