State Animal, Bird and Flower of Himachal Pradesh


Do you know what are national animal, bird and flower of India? I guess you know it. It is tiger, peacock and lotus respectively.

In addition, every Indian state has its own state animal, bird and flower. Since different states in India have different climate and cultivation the wildlife and the vegetation also differ according to the region and geography. For example, some species are found in one state but not in others and vice-versa.

State Animal, Bird and Flower of Himachal Pradesh

Earlier Himachal Pradesh had Monal as its state bird, Musk deer as the state animal and Rhododendrum arboretum as the state flower. They were changed at the 3rd State Wildlife board Meeting. Here are State Animal, Bird and Flower of Himachal Pradesh:

State Bird of Himachal

tragopan-state-bird-himachal-pradeshWestern Tragopan(हिंदी: जजुराना) replaced the bird Monal for the state bird of Himachal. Its scientific name is Tragopan melanocephalus. Since, Monal is also the state bird of Uttrakhand and National bird of Nepal, there was a need to chose some new species of bird as state bird for Himachal. Western Tragopan was chosen keeping in view its beauty and decreasing number in Himachal.

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State Animal of Himachal

snow-leopard-state-animal-of-himachalSnow leopard is now the state animal of Himachal. It replaced the musk deer. One of the most endangered animals in the Himachal region is the snow leopard. It is found at very high altitudes that experience heavy snowfall. Snow leopards show several adaptations for living in a cold mountainous environment. Their bodies are stocky, their fur is thick, and their ears are small and rounded, all of which help to minimize heat loss. Snow leopards’ tails are long and flexible, helping them to maintain their balance, which is very important in the rocky terrain they inhabit.

State Flower of Himachal

pink-rhododendron-state-flower-of-himachalPink Rhododendron is now the state flower of Himachal. It replaced Rhododendrum arboretum. It is a very beautiful flower with pink coloured petals. Its scientific name is Rhododendron campanulatum. In Hindi it is called Burans (बुरांस). It is found in the most of the forests of Himachal Pradesh and it’s flower is known for medical and Ayurvedic use. Natives of Himachal Pradesh use Burans for making a sauce especially in summers to prevent heat strokes.

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