Midnight commotion in Mandi town; Landslide near Boys School


Shimla: A portion of the main road collapsed in the school market of Mandi City late on Tuesday night. Due to this landslide, along with the construction of the shopping mall and parking building near the boy’s school, cracks have also appeared in the road.

Now the market is in danger due to landslide along the road. After the landslide, the police administration closed the road from one side by putting barricades there, but due to the main road, the movement of vehicles will continue.

An atmosphere of fear has also developed among the local shopkeepers. Due to the incessant rains, if security arrangements are not made here soon, then other parts of the road may also come under the grip of landslides.

It is being told that the work of repairing the school market road is being done by the Public Works Department. At night the contractor had set up a roller on the road along the security wall of the school.

Meanwhile, due to a landslide in the middle of the night, the ground caved in and the roller also fell down on the site of the shopping mall. Along with this, there has been a landslide on the side of Diet Bhavan in the night, due to which Diet Bhavan has again become a threat.