Ration card will be closed after 3 months, the facility will automatically be blocked if ration is not taken from the depots


Shimla: Ever since the ration card has become a digital system in cheap ration depots, consumers will have to keep pace with technology. Otherwise, in case of non-use of the ration card, it will be automatically closed after three months.

In such a situation, the consumers will have to apply for making ration card again. If the consumer has not taken ration from their card for three months, then the card will be blocked.

If ration is not taken for three months, this card automatically goes into silent mode and gets switched off. In such a situation, again To get it started, an application has to be given in the office. Now it has become a part of the system.

If we talk about the Kullu district, then there are 117216 digital ration card holders. Due to being linked to Aadhaar and having online data, it is known that how many ration card holders have not taken ration.

Now the department has decided to block the ration cards of the ration card holders, who do not take ration from the depots. Due to not taking ration for more than three months, it will already be invalid.

If you do not want to take ration, then leave it, but it is mandatory to get the digital card scabbed in the POS machine once in three months. (hdm)

Will have to apply again

District Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Controller Shivram Rahi said that consumers must get the digital ration card scanned in the POS machine in the depots, so that in future the ration card holder consumer does not face any difficulty in getting ration.

Otherwise, after three months, the card will automatically be closed and the department will have to apply for the ration card again.