Viral Video: Newlywed bride driving HRTC bus, video going viral on social media


If we talk about women in the country and abroad, then women are no less than men in any field. Today women are keeping pace with men in every field.

A video of one such woman from Himachal is going viral on social media. In this video, a newlywed bride is seen driving an HRTC bus.

The newlywed bride has shared this video on her Instagram page. This video is from Nagrota Bagwan Kangra. This video has been posted by Priya Sharma on her Instagram account sharma_foujan_.

There was a time when driving was considered very difficult for women, but when women have come forward and started learning this work, today women have made it easier to drive even the heaviest of vehicles.

In this video, Priya Sharma is seen driving a bus of Himachal Pradesh Road Transport Corporation. Priya Sharma often shares videos of herself driving a bus on her Insta account.


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