Construction of tunnels necessary to save Kullu valley from disaster

More tunnels will now be built on National Highway

Shimla: The way in which due to the change in weather, the floods of Beas, Parvati and subsidiary drains in the Kullu valley have started causing loss of life and property, for that the people of the area have drawn the attention of the government to the construction of three alternative tunnels from the Kullu valley.

People say that the governments have not learned any lesson from the floods of 1995. People are facing huge losses due to the destruction of roads during the fruit and vegetable season which starts from the month of July.

Although, during the BJP government, the leaders have been giving speeches to remove the tunnel from under the Geobhujot of Kullu’s Lag valley and from under the Jalodi pass of the Banjar area, but the launch of these two projects has not been done till date.

Now people have started demanding construction of tunnel from Bajaura to Kataula keeping in view the flood tragedy in the valley.

If the government gives priority to the construction of all the three tunnels coming out of Kullu-Bajaura and Banjar, then in the coming time people will not have to wait for traffic due to damage caused by climate change. -hdm

Tunnels will save from the devastation of rain

The residents of the area believe that if these three tunnels are constructed in the Kullu Valley, then people will not have to wait for the opening of the road for many days.

The way the rains have washed away the NH and alternate routes this year, people have been given an unforgettable scene forever. People say that the way the NH has been constructed, the rains have ruined its quality and stability.

If the Kullu Valley traffic connectivity is to be maintained during the rainy season, three tunnels are necessary to be constructed in the district.

Save farmers and gardeners from harm

Patlikuhal’s Rajan Rana, Mohan Kapoor, Ghanshyam Kapoor, Lalchand, Santram, Amarchand, Amar Singh, Suresh Sharma, Prem Singh, Mehar Singh, Lalchand and Pradeep Thakur said that if Kullu Valley’s contact with the state is not cut off during the rainy season, So for this the state government should take a lesson from the devastation caused by the floods in July this year. In the vegetable and fruit season, the crops of farmers and gardeners should not rot in vehicles and fields and their economic backbone should remain safe.

The government should take initiative for tunnel construction

The government should take the initiative to construct tunnels for Jalodi Jot, Bhubhujot of Lagvalley and Bajaura Kataula in Kullu district, so that the people of the area do not have to risk their lives for transport facility. People say that the way the NH has completely collapsed in this rain, the rain has also shown the quality and structure of the NH.