In Himachal Pradesh hanging suicide becoming preferred mode



SHIMLA: On January 20, Richa Dhiman (24) , an actress, was found dead in her rented room in Dharamshala. The budding actress had committed suicide by hanging from the ceiling fan. On Saturday, a 15-year-old class 9 girl student was found hanging inside her room in Shillai sub division of Sirmaur district.

In Himachal Pradesh hanging has become one of the preferred mode of committing suicide.

A recent study has revealed that males (68.85%) predominate females (31.15%) and highest number of incidence was found in the 21-40 age group (66.38%). Most of the victims were married (70.49%). An analysis of forensic cases of hanging suicides was conducted by S K Pal, A Sehgal and A Rana from Biology and Serology Division, Regional Forensic Science Laboratory, Northern Range, Dharamshala, A Sharma from Directorate of Forensic Science, Shimla Hills, Junga, and N Kaushik from Biology and Serology Division, State Forensic Science Laboratory, Shimla Hills, Junga.
The study was conducted on 122 cases of suicidal hanging at Regional Forensic Science Laboratory, Northern Range, Dharamshala from September 2009 to December, 2014 and was published in the International Journal of Forensic Science & Pathology (IJFP) on December 21 last year.
According to occupation, 32.78% cases belonged to housewives followed by students in 13.11% cases. 90.16% victims hailed from rural zones. Physical illness, psychiatric illness/mental disorder were the most common factors in 36.06% cases followed by quarrel with spouse in 11.47% cases.

In the month of January to April, 36.88% cases were reported and most of the people (74.59%) preferred indoor closed locations. Rope (43.44%) was the most commonly used ligature material followed by chunni/dupatta (40.16%).
Iron girder/beams were used for hanging in 39.34% cases followed by ceiling fan and ceiling hook in 36.06% cases. Dribbling of saliva was present in 64.75% cases. Seminal discharge was observed in 30.32% cases and urinary incontinence in 42.62% cases.
Cyanosis on mouth, tongue and face was noticed in 51.63%, ecchymosis in 36.06% and petechial haemorrhages in 46.72% cases.
The study concluded that young population is more at risk and most of the people preferred indoor closed locations for committing suicides.
Males were more likely to commit suicide by hanging. Physical, psychiatric, mental disorder, quarrel with spouse and drug addiction were major causative factors.